Sustainable technology for the development of chemical specialties
TENSAC maintains a policy of research, development and development of innovative products, total biodegradability, natural and controlled final quality.


TENSAC is characterized by developing fully biodegradable agrochemicals that do not generate any enviromental damage. These synthetic products obtained from processes where are used natural materials. Its unique formula ensures high efficiency, enabling sustainable agricultura.

Paint Industry

In the industry of paints and coatings surfactants play a specific and determined action when added to formulations, which seeks to optimize the dispersion in the manufacturing process, enabling the storage stability,  provide appropriate flow characteristics and meet the desired properties of the dried film.

Food additives

Sucriglycerides are widely used in food production mainly as emulsifiers, because  have an important range of HLB. It is used in the production of margarinas, mayonnaise, ice cream, sauces, biscuits, bread, etc. The FDA approved the sucroglycerides and similar regulations, too.


Insecticide. Biodegradable acaricide.


Ecological plasticizer replacing lime.