Sustainable technology for the development of chemical specialties
TENSAC maintains a policy of research, development and development of innovative products, total biodegradability, natural and controlled final quality.

Textile Industry

Sucroglycerides have surfactant properties non ionic, are products used in textil industry, with the important advantage to be quickly biodegradable (biodegradable compound: ISO 10707:1994 –OECD 301 D) and your low toxicity in times where companies efforts to bring to improve the safety of its employes and to comply with regulations relating to enviromental.

Leather Industry

Sucroglycerides are a new Technologies in surfactants based on renewable resources, with the aim of developing sustainable business or green business. these changes make viable their use in various sector, mainly in the generators of large quantities of liquid effluents such as the tanning industry.

Organic production

TENSAC have products with certified organic for the production of organic sugar (the advantage its properties of reducing surface tension, Sucroglycerides can accelerate settling and decreases the viscosity, too) and in the manufacture of cosmetics advantage its surfactant properties, not toxic or allergenic. Thus TENSAC contributes to production which seeks to improve food security by linking to preserve the integrity of the environment.


Insecticide. Biodegradable acaricide.


Ecological plasticizer replacing lime.