Our history

We are an Argentine company that, 29 years ago, develops sustainable and innovative chemical solutions capable of satisfying specific demands of different markets and industries. In TENSAC we create chemical products from processes of synthesis of raw materials of biological origin, proposing and permanently introducing new sustainable developments in the markets. Our solutions propose changes of paradigms and a constant evolution, with the aim of streamlining processes and guaranteeing success with products of proven quality.


We use raw materials from renewable natural sources in all our formulations, through which with our own know-how, fine chemical solutions are created, capable of guaranteeing a successful performance with adequate environmental protection, which is constantly demanded by the markets and futures.

Vision and values

Innovation, quality, sustainability, efficiency and commitment are our main strategic values ​​and from where we offer our technology to obtain the best results in the perfomance of these products.

With presence in organic and conventional markets, we provide sustainable technology and we strongly support the development of chemical specialties that meet your expectations.

Viamonte 1376 - (4000) - San Miguel de Tucumán - ARGENTINA Telefax + 54(381) 434-3835/434-8110
San Miguel de Tucumán