• 11 abril, 2023

New requirements in the quality of toilet soaps

New requirements in the quality of toilet soaps

New requirements in the quality of toilet soaps 150 150 TENSAC

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding every day, and this also applies to the soap market, because beyond the primary function of cleaning, essentiaOhio State Team Jersey custom ohio state jersey oregon ducks jersey colleges in new jersey custom made football jerseys custom football jerseys penn state jersey custom football jerseys detroit lions jersey,green bay packers jersey,eagles kelly green jersey,jersey san francisco 49ers college football jerseys tom brady michigan jersey OSU Jerseys penn state jersey OSU Jerseys custom football jerseysl elements related to the physical and emotional well-being of human beings are also involved.

In the field of human experience, the emotional aspect is essential, where the five senses are the key to sensations. The stimulation of the senses will be the means by which the range of sensations and emotions (with countless possibilities as there are people) is constructed and will be the basis for building well-being.

The level of soap approval is directly related to the sensory attributes and needs of the users. Four out of the five senses will be involved in the evaluation.

Regarding the attributes of the bar, we can evaluate color, shine, and format; touch and fragrance; the plasticity and hardness of the bar.

Regarding the evaluation during use: foam, fragrance, creaminess, softness, silkiness, slipperiness, roughness.

For the evaluation on the skin after using the soap, we have silkiness, emollience, hydration, fragrance, dryness, and wear.

Finally, extra attributes are also evaluated: cracking, roughness, hail, mush and jelly, and of course, cleanliness.